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Spontaneous human head combustion

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Spontaneous human head combustion (SHHC) is a specialized type of spontaneous human combustion. Although scientists are still learning about this terrible affliction, it is believed that is caused by misdirected electrical impulses within the brain. If they were to occur regularly, these stray impulses could easily create enough heat to cause sudden violent head explosion similar to that caused by a gunshot wound or a scanner.


Famous cases

There are three famous cases of SHHC, each of which was originally believed to have been a gunshot wound. They are:

Singer Kurt Cobain, whose death was ruled a suicide, is often attributed to spontaneous human head combustion. However, no evidence exists to support this claim. It is more likely he was murdered by Courtney Love, a known scanner.

There is also a growing belief that Hunter S. Thompson was a victim of SHHC. Officially, Thompson's death is said to have been premeditated suicide resulting from the constant pain his various medical conditions caused him. Fans of his work are now claiming that his supposed suicide note, which he delivered to his wife four days before his death, was never meant as such. Due to the note's brevity, some people now believe that Thompson died of SHHC caused by his medical problems.

Causes and early warning signs

As previously mentioned, spontaneous human head combustion is thought to be causes by an abnormal amount of misdirected electrical impulses within the brain. Scientists are not quite sure what causes these increased misdirected impulses, but extreme stress is thought to be a key factor. And although it occurs spontaneously, SHHC is not without its warning signs. Symptoms include racism, paranoia, anxiety, mood swings, addiction to painkillers, increased chowder consumption, and most seriously, buying votes to ensure political victory.


As the exact causes of SHCC are not known, there is no reliable way to prevent it. The only surefire way to keep yourself from being at risk is to avoid stress at all costs.

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